The spirit of NTU is blooming with the Spring

@@Through the ebb and flow of the past 80 years, NTU has come through not only the flourishing seasons but also the time of chaos. We have worked hard on teaching all along, nurturing numerous outstanding elites who now express themselves around the world. And due to the teaching-and-learning atmosphere and passing-on-knowledge morals, groups and groups of youngsters who have gorgeous hopes for their futures are striding on the Promenade des Anglais, to the glorious prospects...

@@And now, there are again young students full of vigor seeking their own roads, which is why the Azalea Day come into being. Life is so complicated and the world is so immense. How can both of us have no confusion about our futures? Perhaps we can't answer all your questions, but we can definitely provide you with many-sided opinions: professors' thinking, students' experiences...etc. The faculty in NTU all made their great efforts in cultivating another more spectacular life. In the feast... YOU ARE THE STAR!!

May all the studious students can sparkle the most shining part of themselves!