Doraemon needs your help!!

Doraemon was kidnapped by an alian Brains, and he was divided into five parts.
Those parts were hiden in different places.
His friend, Nobi Nobita, is willing to save him. In order to bulid up Doraemon, he must collect the pieces of his body.
Can Nobi Nobita and his friends save broken Doraemon in time?

* Q&A

What is physics? Every university has Dept. of Physics, and what's the difference between them? What will students majoring in physics do after they graduate? What is the most hot fields in today's physics researches?
Having some questions of Dept. of Physics, do you need someone to ask? Just come to the stand of physics in NTU Sports Center, and you will find all your problems solved.

* Tea Party

Are you confused of the differences between high school physics and what we study in university? Curious of courses in college? Would you like to meet with professors in NTU Physics? We invited professors in Azaleadays. Experiencing the charm of professors, you will find talking to professors is fun! And we will prepare snack for you at the tea party!


  3/9 Sunday 14:30 ~ 17:00
  Prof. Minn-Tsong Lin(the teacher of general physics)